Bankruptcy Trustee: Utah Bankruptcy

The role of a bankruptcy trustee is to act as a neutral third-party in the bankruptcy process and to oversee the administration of the bankruptcy case.

Can a small business file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can have significant consequences for a small business and the business owner(s). There may be damage to its reputation and credit. It’s important to consider all options before filing for bankruptcy.

How do you get a bankruptcy discharge?

Unless there is litigation involving objections to the bankruptcy discharge, the debtor will usually automatically receive a discharge. The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure provide for the clerk of the bankruptcy court to send via US mail a copy of the order of discharge to all creditors, the U.S. trustee, the trustee in the case,… Continue reading How do you get a bankruptcy discharge?

What happens to my crypto in bankruptcy?

Even though crypto isn’t directly mentioned in the current bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy laws still apply to crypto. Transferring any asset to hide it from creditors is still a fraudulent transfer. Liquidating crypto to pay one creditor to the detriment of the other creditors may still be a preference.

Phone hearing 341 meeting

Utah phone hearing 341 meeting consist of multiple debtors, attorneys, trustees, and creditors on the same phone call. You attend your phone hearing 341 meeting by calling the number you will be provided by the bankruptcy court.

When bankruptcy is over

When bankruptcy is over what should I do?

Your bankruptcy is over when your case is closed, generally soon after you get a discharge. A discharge is when you are no longer legally obligated to pay your debts. When bankruptcy is over, if creditors keep calling you and trying to collect from you, that is a serious violation of the bankruptcy code. However,… Continue reading When bankruptcy is over

Locate the Utah Bankruptcy Trustee

Here is a quick guide to locate the Utah Bankruptcy Trustee. Here is a comprehensive list of the Utah Bankruptcy Trustee’s listed by bankruptcy chapter. Included are their Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email address: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Steven R. Bailey, Chapter 7 Panel Trustee 2454 Washington Blvd. Ogden, UT 84401 E-mail: [email protected]Continue reading Locate the Utah Bankruptcy Trustee

Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse?

If one spouse files bankruptcy without the other spouse only the filing spouses debts are discharged. If the debts are held jointly, the non-filing spouse will still owe on the debt even after one spouse has filed bankruptcy. The bankruptcy filing will appear on the filing spouses credit report, but should not appear on the… Continue reading Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse?

Bankruptcy when does it end

Bankruptcy when does it end is a common question.  When you get a discharge in a bankruptcy it is a big step, however, it is not the end of the case.  The Bankruptcy Court will enter an order closing the case that is when your case is closed.  Most of the time the case will… Continue reading Bankruptcy when does it end

8 Interesting Things to Know About Filing Bankruptcy

Eight Interesting Things to Know About Filing Bankruptcy.  The following are interesting things to know about filing bankruptcy.  The decision to file bankruptcy can be tough so here are eight things you need to consider or know about before you make that decision: 1. Deadlines. Deadlines are critical in bankruptcy court. The rules in bankruptcy… Continue reading 8 Interesting Things to Know About Filing Bankruptcy