Is Bankruptcy Better than Foreclosure

When thinking “is bankruptcy better than foreclosure?”, at the end of the day you need to realize that while sometimes foreclosure might not affect your credit score as much, it still goes on your credit report, leaves you without your home and fails to settle all the other debt you might carry. Meanwhile bankruptcy affects all your debt not just the mortgage loan debt. Bankruptcy tends to be more global financial relief.

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Bankruptcy discharge paperwork

After you have gone through the process of filing for bankruptcy, attending your creditor meeting hearing, and followed all other instructions given to you by your attorney, the trustee, and the court, your case will eventually be discharged and will receive your bankruptcy discharge papers.

Bankruptcy discharge in Utah- what is it

The Bankruptcy Discharge in Utah: For those filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Utah the final goal is to have their debts discharged and to keep all nonexempt property. A discharge is designed to relieve debtors of personal liability for most debts and prevents creditors from taking any action to collect from the debtor after the… Continue reading Bankruptcy discharge in Utah- what is it

Bankruptcy when does it end

Bankruptcy when does it end is a common question.  When you get a discharge in a bankruptcy it is a big step, however, it is not the end of the case.  The Bankruptcy Court will enter an order closing the case that is when your case is closed.  Most of the time the case will… Continue reading Bankruptcy when does it end

Bankruptcy discharge vs dismissal

  May people confuse the difference between a bankruptcy discharge vs dismissal but they are two very different and distinct outcomes of bankruptcy. A bankruptcy discharge means that the requirements set out by the court have been met by the debtor(s) (the party filing the bankruptcy). In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy a discharge means that… Continue reading Bankruptcy discharge vs dismissal

Bankruptcy and IRS Form 1099

So I have been getting a bunch of calls from my clients lately about bankruptcy and IRS Form 1099 that they received in the mail.  This being tax time and all it’s important to know your rights.  If you filed bankruptcy last year make sure you tell your tax preparer about it – especially if… Continue reading Bankruptcy and IRS Form 1099

Bankruptcy discharge vs closed

Bankruptcy discharge is when the debtor is released from liability to pay his or her debts and no longer required to pay any debts that are discharged, and it also prohibits creditors from coming to collect your debt. Getting a bankruptcy discharge is a big step in a bankruptcy case but it’s not the end… Continue reading Bankruptcy discharge vs closed

Bankruptcy without affecting spouse

Sometimes only one of the parties in a marital relationship has debt and needs to file for bankruptcy.  Sometimes some or all of the debt is held in both parties names.  If one spouse files for bankruptcy individually, only the person who filed for bankruptcy will be able to get a discharge or relief from… Continue reading Bankruptcy without affecting spouse

Bankruptcy dismissal vs discharge

There appears to be a lot of confusion out there about what is actually a bankruptcy dismissal vs discharge.  These are two very different things and you should understand both of them. When you are a debtor you do not want a dismissal of your case.  A bankruptcy dismissal will closed your case in fact… Continue reading Bankruptcy dismissal vs discharge