Bankruptcy Judge: Utah Bankruptcy

It’s worth noting that while appearances before a judge are relatively rare in Utah bankruptcy cases, it’s possible that you may need to appear in court.

Expunge a Utah Bankruptcy?

Expunging a Utah bankruptcy, or completely removing it from your credit record, is generally not possible. Bankruptcy is a legal process that is a matter of public record, and credit reporting agencies are legally required to report it on your credit report for a certain period of tim

Which Bankruptcy is Reorganization

One of the great benefits of this kind of bankruptcy is reorganization which can help you avoid losing your home to a foreclosure especially if you are behind on your mortgage payments.  You can come up with an affordable repayment plan to keep your home even if your lender is unwilling to work with you. 

Bankruptcy during Covid-19

The different procedures for bankruptcy during Covid-19 seem to vary between law firms and the bankruptcy courts. For example a number of local firms have closed their offices and are not taking clients. We have embraced the new changes and technology that make it so we can still offer high quality, full service bankruptcy to our clients.

The automatic stay

When a bankruptcy case is filed there is something created immediately upon the filing of the case called the automatic stay.  The automatic stay is a very broad court injunction against the continuing of any action by creditors, collection agencies, and government entities against the debtor or the debtor’s property. Under 11 U.S.C. §362 is… Continue reading The automatic stay

Utah Bankruptcy Laws

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Utah. Utah bankruptcy laws were created to provide specific relief for business owners, individuals and families whose lives are being disrupted by excessive debt. The laws have two basic goals: Debt elimination and property protection. The Utah bankruptcy laws are set forth under federal law. Article I,… Continue reading Utah Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy to remove student loans

It is commonly said that student loans are impossible to remove through filing for bankruptcy. However, that is not always true. It is a common misconception about bankruptcy. To remove student loans through a bankruptcy, it is not an easy process but it is possible. There are a few criteria that you have to meet… Continue reading Bankruptcy to remove student loans

Bankruptcy to stop lawsuit

Filing for bankruptcy will stop a civil lawsuit at least in the short term . The automatic stay is what will prohibit people from collecting from you and you will be protected from a judgment being entered in the lawsuit until a creditor takes the necessary steps to get a court order allowing them to… Continue reading Bankruptcy to stop lawsuit

Three Common Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Mistakes

These are three of the most common mistakes I see right before someone goes in bankruptcy court: 1. Making A Preference Payment If you owe on credit cards or medical debt and instead of paying that debt you pay on a past-due debt to family within 1 year of filing bankruptcy, that is a preference payment. The… Continue reading Three Common Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Mistakes