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stop the foreclosure on my utah home

Ways To Stop Foreclosure In Utah

By utahbklawyer | Jun 24, 2022

Do you see a foreclosure on the horizon?   Here are 5 ways to stop foreclosure before it starts. Foreclosure is a major crisis for most families in Utah.   We can help.  You have options to help keep you and your family from losing your home.   You can get out of debt without losing everything!

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home loan after bankruptcy

Loan After Your Bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | May 10, 2022

The waiting period on getting a loan after your bankruptcy can vary depending on a host of factors, but a big one is the type of bankruptcy you experienced. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, lenders typically wait two years after the date of discharge. As for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be eligible for a VA loan just 12 months removed from the filing date.

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341 Meeting Questions

Top 10 Questions you may be asked at your 341 Meeting

By utahbklawyer | Apr 7, 2022

Top 10 Questions you may be asked at your 341 Meeting of creditors in Utah.  Working with an experienced Utah attorney will help you understand and know how to response to these inquiries. 

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utah bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy dollar adjustments

By utahbklawyer | Mar 16, 2022

The bankruptcy dollar adjustments are required to take place every three years pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §104. The new dollar amounts reflect an approximate, average 11% increase.

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bankruptcy and crypto

What happens to my crypto in bankruptcy?

By utahbklawyer | Mar 9, 2022

Even though crypto isn’t directly mentioned in the current bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy laws still apply to crypto. Transferring any asset to hide it from creditors is still a fraudulent transfer. Liquidating crypto to pay one creditor to the detriment of the other creditors may still be a preference.

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utah court help

Can I Stop a Garnishment Once it Starts?

By utahbklawyer | Feb 8, 2022

The quickest way to stop a garnishment is to just pay off the debt. However, most people cannot afford to do that, or they would have already done it before the garnishment happened.  For most people the most effective way to stop the garnishment is to file bankruptcy

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wage garnishment

What Should I Do I Just Got A Wage Garnishment Notice?

By utahbklawyer | Jan 28, 2022

You need to understand that when employer gets that wage garnishment order, by law they must begin withholding 25% of your take-home pay right away. The papers say there is a period of time before a response is due but that just means your employer has to keep the money collected until they get an order telling them where to send the money.

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aint broke we cant fix

If You Ain’t Broke We Can’t Fix It!

By utahbklawyer | Jan 18, 2022

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the right decision for everyone. But for individuals who are worried about debt, who want to protect specific property, or who see no other way forward, it can be the best option to bring relief.

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7 Utah Bankruptcy Myths

By utahbklawyer | Jan 6, 2022

Learn the facts from the Utah Bankruptcy Guy and avoid the myths out there about bankruptcy.  During the past year, the team here at the office keep t a list of the most common misconceptions floating around Utah about bankruptcy.  In no particular order here we go:

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