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2021 bankurpt

Bankruptcy in 2021

By utahbklawyer | Jan 21, 2021

Bankruptcy in 2021 still spans the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year many of my clients were able to start the bankruptcy process ahead of the curve because they were able to use a portion of their stimulus checks to cover court and attorney fees.

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best bankruptcy information

Best Bankruptcy Information

By utahbklawyer | Jan 14, 2021

The best bankruptcy information you will get is to actually speak with a bankruptcy lawyer. Most attorneys I know offer free consultations for individuals and charge a nominal fee if you own a business. Information can be power so get the best bankruptcy information from an attorney near you.

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file befor marriage

Should I file for Bankruptcy before I get Married?

By utahbklawyer | Jan 8, 2021

Here’s the thing, if you’re about to get married you’re smart to take time to strategize financially. Taking a large amount of debt into a marriage can be destructive on many different levels. One of the leading causes of divorce is money problems so it is defiantly wise to consider your options before you tie the knot.

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bankruptcy documents

What About My Bankruptcy Documents After Bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | Dec 31, 2020

So if you have already filed a bankruptcy case and received a discharge – Congratulations! The goal of bankruptcy is to receive your bankruptcy discharge at the end of your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case. I am sure you are anxious to get a fresh start, but what should you do next? First may…

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utah bankruptcy

So this is Christmas 2020…

By utahbklawyer | Dec 22, 2020

May we wish you moments of peace amid the difficulties, connections with family and friends even if they can’t be in person, the warmth of memories from holidays past, and wonderful glimpses of the joy that still lives under the surface.

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reason for bankruptcy

Reasons to File for Bankruptcy in Utah

By utahbklawyer | Dec 8, 2020

Believe it or not, when it comes to current primary causes of bankruptcy, the economic impact of Covid-19 is not what leads to most bankruptcy right now. The main reasons to file for bankruptcy in Utah tend to be things such as payday loans, co-signing for other people, trying to aid grown children with too much financial help, medical debt,

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bounce back bankruptcy

A Fresh Start

By utahbklawyer | Dec 3, 2020

Ultimately, the point is that anyone can find themselves in a tough spot financially. The great news is that they can also rise above those circumstances and get a fresh start. If you are struggling financially, remember you can start over and bounce back.

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giving thanks

Giving thanks

By utahbklawyer | Nov 23, 2020

Though most of us would like to forget 2020, here at the Utah Bankruptcy Guy, we have found this past year a new purpose based in our mission to help good folks in bad places.

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Bankruptcy help in utah

Bankruptcy help in Utah

By utahbklawyer | Nov 17, 2020

Meet Jack and Diane two Utah kids doing the best that they can. Things were going along great for the couple and they soon had two kids, a nice little house, a dog named “Timmy”, and both had good jobs. But then one day Jack got hurt at his job at the Tasty Freeze.

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