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What not to do before bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | May 21, 2018

7 Deadly Sins Before Bankruptcy OK I know that sounds a bit dramatic – but it got your attention.  I am asked all the time what not to do before bankruptcy.  So here is my list of seven things that have the potential to get you into trouble prior to your case filing: 1.Don’t make…

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When bankruptcy is not an option

By utahbklawyer | May 16, 2018

Just because you say you are bankrupt does not make it so.  There is the famous episode of The Office where the lead character Michael Scott “declared” bankruptcy to everyone within earshot and thought he was done – not because he just said the word bankruptcy but because he “declared it”.  Just because you say…

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Bankruptcy when does it clear

By utahbklawyer | May 11, 2018

Your bankruptcy will clear off from your credit report either 7 or 10 years after filing for a bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy when does it clear depends on which type of bankruptcy case you file. Bankruptcy can be a great tool to overcome burdensome debt and get you back on your feet. It does however come at a…

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Mortgage Statement During Bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | May 2, 2018

A mortgage statement during bankruptcy?  We laughed at that question for years since debtors almost never get any help with their mortgage information after they file for bankruptcy.  But finally the times are a changing – for the good of everyone – debtors and lenders.  Some new mortgage servicing rules that just went into effect…

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Debts in Bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | Apr 30, 2018

Types of Debts in Bankruptcy There are different types of debts in bankruptcy.  Not all debts are treated the same in bankruptcy since Congress decided that certain types of debts are more important than others types of debts in bankruptcy. As a result, the way bankruptcy affects a particular debt depends on what kind of…

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Bankruptcy trustee

By utahbklawyer | Apr 27, 2018

Although the trustee in bankruptcy is not a judge, he or she has tremendous influence over a bankruptcy case.  Many of my clients do not know what this person does. So here is the quick version of the role of a bankruptcy trustee in Utah and nationwide. So just who is the bankruptcy trustee? Trustee…

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2018 AVVO Award

By utahbklawyer | Apr 23, 2018

  PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Orem, UT – Attorney Douglas L. Barrett of Orem has been named once again a Top Rated Lawyer by the website AVVO. AVVO is he premier online legal marketplace that connects consumers and lawyers. Douglas “The Bankruptcy Guy” Barrett has been practicing bankruptcy law since 2000. Barrett received his…

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Bankruptcy for cheap

By utahbklawyer | Apr 19, 2018

Bankruptcy for cheap in Utah.  Sometimes people are unable to afford the fees charged by bankruptcy attorneys and look to file bankruptcy for cheap. While many attorneys offer payment plans, your case will not be filed until all fees are paid in full. This means that you will not have bankruptcy protection against creditors while…

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Bankruptcy to keep your home

By utahbklawyer | Apr 17, 2018

You may want to consider filing bankruptcy to keep your home, or at least use it to delay foreclosure in some difficult circumstances. The majority of people that declare bankruptcy are able to keep their home throughout the process, but some are not. The government does not expect landlords and other property owners to provide…

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