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After Hours Bankruptcy Help

Welcome to the After-Hours Bankruptcy Club!


Is a restful night's sleep a distant memory? Do you occasionally find yourself online at midnight, or later?

We have seen many client e-mails sent to us during the late night hours. You are following in a great tradition of nervous bankruptcy clients taking advantage of our website.

This page was created just for you. Here is what we suggest:

First, take a moment to make an appointment to come in and visit with us. If you would like to set up a consultation, feel free to text or e-mail our scheduling receptionist at [email protected] and, if we are online late, we will be happy to arrange your appointment right away, otherwise, we will reply during the next business day;

Second, browse our website pages for information or watch a free video from Doug or the US Bankruptcy Court;

Finally, if you want to start pulling together the documents we will need to begin your bankruptcy, follow the document list below:

Ok, night owl, lets get to work:

  1. Collect all your most recent bills, invoices, and statements. Stack them up in a nice pile: Don’t be tempted to throw them into the “circular file” next to your desk, we will need them in the days to come. Not sure you have all your bills? Don’t worry, once you retain our firm, we will pull your credit reports to help find any missing creditors.
  2. Start collecting your creditor information: We will need the name, address, account numbers and balances on your home loan(s), car loan(s), credit cards, etc.
  3. Income: Locate your last 7 months worth of pay stubs from your employer(s), and/or locate records of how much income you are receiving from your small business during this time period (i.e.: profit/loss statements)
  4. Tax Returns: We will need copies of your State and Federal Tax Returns for the past two years.
  5. Property: If you own your home or land, locate your legal description and property value on your tax bill or find it online by searching for your county’s recorder's office online.
  6. Auto Value: Go online and find the market value for your automobiles, trailers, ATV’s, Boats, etc.
  7. Charitable Contributions: Locate proof of any charitable contributions made during the past year.
  8. Print out our client questionnaire (Click HERE) and complete using the information you have just gathered.
  9. Remember to text, call or e-mail us (click button below) to set up a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to determine which kind of bankruptcy is best for you.