Small Business Bankruptcy Options


business bankruptcy

The Law Office of Douglas L. Barrett, LLC, has helped thousands of small business owners navigate the world of bankruptcy.  Filing bankruptcy is complex.  Filing bankruptcy as a small business owner in Utah is even more complex.  Douglas Barrett can walk you through the process.  Not every small business needs to file for bankruptcy at the end of its life cycle but some need do – that is why we offer an in depth analysis of your situation during a one hour business bankruptcy consultation.  If you decide to file for bankruptcy then the cost of the consultation is applied to the cost of the bankruptcy.  We find this the best way to give you powerful legal advice in a useful format and setting that will help you make the right decission for your small business.

Call us today at 801-221-9911 to find out how we can assist you with your small business legal needs.  Let us give you the peace of mind of knowing you are doing the right thing for your small business.

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