Bankruptcy in 2021

2021 bankurpt
bankruptcy in a mask

A common strategy for filing Utah Bankruptcy in 2021 should be to file at an appropriate time in relation to when you receive your tax refund.  When you meet with a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation, take the time to discuss what the best strategy is for your particular case. Is a Chapter 7 case or a Chapter 13 case right for you? As a bankruptcy attorney of 20+ years I help all of my clients maximize this asset. Sometimes that involves filing bankruptcy in 2021 prior to filing taxes, and sometimes after. Bankruptcy in 2021 still spans the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year many of my clients were able to start the bankruptcy process ahead of the curve because they were able to use a portion of their stimulus checks to cover court and attorney fees.

While it is a new year, you may find that Utah bankruptcy in 2021 is easier to pull off by investing money into bankruptcy costs. You might find halting certain bill payments, asking a family member or close friend for help, creating a schedule to gradually make bankruptcy payments to file, or using portions of a stimulus check will free up some of your finances to accomplish the goal of meeting costs for bankruptcy in 2021.  Want to see if bankruptcy in 2021 is a good idea?  Just contact us today for a free consultation via phone, Zoom or in our Orem office.

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