How Much Does A Utah Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Cost

utah bankruptcy cost

Life can bring some unexpected challenges. The stigma around bankruptcy still persists in some circles but the reality is that often circumstances arise that you have no control over. Maybe you were in a bad accident and the impact was twofold now that the medical bills are coming in. Perhaps a relative stole money from you, or you lost your job and are struggling to find another. Regardless of how you got in this situation, bankruptcy may be your best option. As the saying goes though, nothing in life is free and it’s an ironic truth that you need money to declare bankruptcy.

How much does bankruptcy Chapter 7 cost? The short answer is that it depends. Every case is different, which is why the best place to start is by scheduling a consultation with an attorney to determine if you even qualify for a Chapter 7 in the first place. There are generally three fees that you will have to pay to file a Chapter 7: the court filing fee, online class fees, and the attorney fees. The court filing fee is currently set at $338.00 but the other two vary in cost. 

Many law firms offer “$0-down” on bankruptcy filings but studies have shown that you end up paying much more to the attorney in the long run than you would to an attorney who requests the costs up front.  We see some firms charge two to three times as much in a payment plan for a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  We keep our fees low by offering honest fast service, technology and our proven filing system.  Our systems prevent waste of time and effort and in turn lower your cost.

When our clients pay their bankruptcy fees, we do everything we can to make the filing process as simple as possible for them. Once we have the documents and information we need, our turnaround is about 36 hours. This means that our clients can drop off their paperwork, come back for their signing appointment two days later, have their case filed and not have to worry about any additional fees.

When asking the question “how much does bankruptcy chapter 7 cost?” it may be helpful to also consider the associated costs of time and stress. Bankruptcy exists to help people get back on their feet financially, and attorneys exist to help you navigate the complex legal system. No one should owe a debt to their attorney–the very person who should be helping them succeed.

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