Medical Debt Utah Bankruptcy

41% of Americans have medical debt; 6% of adults owe more than $1,000 worth of medical debt; 1% owe more than $10,000. Medical debt in Utah is a significant financial issue for many people. Utah medical bankruptcy may help.

Book on Filing Bankruptcy in Utah

Consequences of Bankruptcy?

Press Release Orem (UT) for immediate release: Today the Fourth Edition of the book on filing bankruptcy in Utah was published. The Insiders Guide: Getting a Fresh Financial Start in Utah has been in print since 2005. The book, by Utah Bankruptcy lawyer Douglas Barrett, has help thousands determine if filing bankruptcy was their best… Continue reading Book on Filing Bankruptcy in Utah

Why bankruptcy isn’t always bad

Filing for bankruptcy has always had a bad reputation, in the minds of some people it seems to indicate that the person has self inflicted financial troubles or even worse is attempting to take advantage of the people they owe money too. That isn’t always the case, in fact in my experience this is hardly… Continue reading Why bankruptcy isn’t always bad