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How quickly can I file my Utah bankruptcy?  Can I file bankruptcy today?  These are not uncommon questions we get every week.  To get going on your bankruptcy today, take a moment to organize and orientate yourself. Pull together, bills, paystubs, any court papers, and anything else that will help you gain an understanding of your current and past finances.  Once you have this basic information it may be helpful to speak to an attorney about bankruptcy today.

To file bankruptcy quickly, like today, individuals are required to compile in-depth information about their recent financial history, meet with an attorney, take qualified online courses about bankruptcy today, file an official case with the court, and attend a hearing called the ‘341 meeting of creditors’.

One other note should be made in this post. With bankruptcy today, people are permitted to represent themselves and forego the benefits of having an attorney. However very few are able to pull off completing all of the steps adequately to succeed file your own bankruptcy today.  As the saying goes “only a fool represents himself in court” might sound self-serving coming from an attorney but when you get weekly phone calls from people who filed their own bankruptcy but are in over their head and are seeking for help you might understand why we say this.  If you file own your own and then need a bankruptcy attorney to step in and clean up the mess it will cost way more that getting help up front and avowing all the pitfalls that wait the unsuspecting bankruptcy filer. Want to talk with a Utah attorney about bankruptcy today – just click here for all the ways you can reach us.

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