After 65: Utah Bankruptcy

While the idea of bankruptcy may seem frightening to Utah seniors, it can be a benefit for those who are struggling with debt in their later years.

Money Talks

Relationship money talks about finances should be happening often in serious relationships. They are especially important when you and your significant other are talking about joining your future together in a marriage. When you get married, your spouse’s financial situation can really affect you.

Will bankruptcy affect my husband?

Sometimes filing bankruptcy individually isn’t necessarily the best option if you and your spouse share debts, and only one one of you files since debt collectors still have the ability to contact the non-filing spouse regarding debt payments. Filing jointly can be beneficial to your spouse in that situation, because it could protect them from debt collectors.

How will bankruptcy affect your spouse

This is a great question, and an important one to consider whether you are filing bankruptcy individually or jointly with your spouse.  Also depends on whether you are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. One of the most common questions a Utah bankruptcy attorney receives is: “How will filing bankruptcy affect your spouse?”… Continue reading How will bankruptcy affect your spouse

Bankruptcy when married

There is no requirement that you and your spouse jointly file bankruptcy when married.  You can choose whether to file for bankruptcy with your spouse or as an individual.  The decision on filing bankruptcy when married should be based on the in depth analysis of you financial condition however.  It will usually depend on if… Continue reading Bankruptcy when married