What Bankruptcy Can Do

Q. What bankruptcy can do for me? In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cover debts like medical bills, credit card charges, personal loans, (in very rare circumstances) student loans, business debts, auto accident claims, attorney fees, money owed over lease agreements, utility bills.  In a Chapter 13 case the most common types of debts that… Continue reading What Bankruptcy Can Do

Debts in Bankruptcy

Types of Debts in Bankruptcy There are different types of debts in bankruptcy.  Not all debts are treated the same in bankruptcy since Congress decided that certain types of debts are more important than others types of debts in bankruptcy. As a result, the way bankruptcy affects a particular debt depends on what kind of… Continue reading Debts in Bankruptcy

How bankruptcy affects you

When you file for a bankruptcy, your life can be affected in several ways. It can affect you both positively and negatively in some ways. Some of the positive effects of bankruptcy are that your debts will be under control and you can get instant relief from creditors, collecting agencies, and the debts that are… Continue reading How bankruptcy affects you

Bankruptcy for medical debt

Medical debts are one of the most common reasons that people need to seek bankruptcy relief.  With out of control medical costs and increased insurance premiums more and more people are forced into financial ruin with just a day or two stay in hospital.  With passage of the Affordable Heath Care Act it was assumed… Continue reading Bankruptcy for medical debt