How often can you file bankruptcy

Receiving a discharge of debts after filing bankruptcy can be a huge relief, but sometimes it might be only a temporary reprieve. As the years pass, the bills might start piling up again, and unexpected events like illness or layoffs can overwhelm your finances all over again. In these circumstances, the question “how often can you file bankruptcy?” is relevant.

2020 Bankruptcy Filing Fee To Increase

These fee increases, outlined in the attached document, will be effective December 1, 2020. Note that the increase to the administrative fee for filing a bankruptcy petition is only one portion of the total filing fee.

Are bankruptcy filings published in the newspaper

Are bankruptcy filings published in the newspaper? This question relates well to another one of our frequently asked questions: “are bankruptcy cases public record?” If you haven’t read the answer to that question yet, take a second to do so as it might help clear up some of your concerns about word getting around that… Continue reading Are bankruptcy filings published in the newspaper