Stop debt collector calls

Bankruptcy stop collections
Will bankruptcy stop a collector?

One of the most common reasons people decide to file for bankruptcy is to stop debt collector calls.  by filing bankruptcy you can immediately stop debt collector calls.  Any collector that still attempts to collect on a debt once they know about your bankruptcy is in violation of 11 U.S.C. Sec 362.  Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to stop debt collector calls.

Can a debt collector still try and collect once they know about a bankruptcy?  The answer to that question is not a simple yes or no.  They certainly cannot contact you and threaten you any more but there may be ways that they can get a order from the bankruptcy court allowing they to collect on a debt if the debt meet certain criteria as outlined in the bankruptcy code.

You need to ask your bankruptcy lawyer about the likelihood of still being obligated on a debt even if you file for bankruptcy.  For example some debts like child support, taxes, and most student loans can still be collected on even after you get a discharge in a bankruptcy.  You need to know your right before you file for bankruptcy so you can know what to expect after you receive a discharge in bankruptcy.

If your goal is to stop debt collector calls you are not alone.  Working with a bankruptcy attorney is a great way to eliminate debts if the debts can be eliminated.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney can inform you of what kinds of debts will go away and what kinds of debts will survive the bankruptcy process.  If they lawyer you are working with is unable or unwilling to take they time to explain the nuanced differences of your particular debts then you should seek out help from someone who will take the time to make you comfortable with your bankruptcy decision.


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