Bankruptcy who knows

why bankruptcy is good for car owners
Bankruptcy who knows about it?

In my experience most people don’t want others to know about their financial issues and challenges.  This certainly goes for bankruptcy.  So I get this question all the time if I file for bankruptcy who knows ?  Your lawyer, your creditors, you, and whoever else you decide to tell.

Bankruptcy is a public record and can be found, however it costs money in most instances to view the bankruptcy court files so generally only lawyers and other public officials will view these. Usually people will not find out unless they search for you on the court records or if you tell them that you filed for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy usually finds its way onto your credit report.  But this can actually be a good thing if you think about it.  If you have to file bankruptcy there is a good change your credit is already damaged.  You probably have reports of slow or late payments on your report.  Once you file for bankruptcy these negatives on your credit report diminish greatly over time and the good things you do going forward are what will be reported.  Of course any negative this you do will also be reported so taking care to make sure you stay on track with your finances is important if you want to increase your credit score after you file for bankruptcy.

I know its easier said than done but remember if someone is so nosey that they will spend hours snooping into your business to find out that you had a challenge and dealt with it link an adult by seeking legal help and following a legal path to debt relief then they are the ones with the issue not you.  I would tell them to remember the age old adage there but for the grace of God go I.




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