Will my Ex find out about my Utah bankruptcy?

It’s worth noting that even if your Ex is not directly notified of your Utah bankruptcy, they may still find out through other means, such as through mutual friends or by checking your credit report.

What debt survives bankruptcy?

There are a number of kinds of debt that my not go away in a bankruptcy case. So in your case what debt survives bankruptcy? It’s important to speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer before you file bankruptcy so you have a better understanding of the outcome of your bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy to get out of debt

Bankruptcy wipes out some debts but it doesn’t wipe out all debts.  When you are looking into bankruptcy you will want to know what kind of debts you have and what kinds of debts will and won’t be eliminated by bankruptcy. Some of the debts that a bankruptcy will be able to eliminate are credit… Continue reading Bankruptcy to get out of debt