Chap 13: Utah Bankruptcy

A Utah Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option for individuals who are struggling with debt. It allows individuals to keep their assets, provides a structured repayment plan, provides relief from creditor calls and collection efforts, can help improve their credit score, provides a fresh start, and gives individuals a sense of control over their finances.

Which bankruptcy is worse

There really isn’t a bankruptcy that is “worse” it all depends completely on your financial situation, your goals and needs.  A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy commonly called a liquidation.  Chapter 7 allows individuals to give up certain nonexempt assets and walk away from most of the individuals debts. To qualify, debtors must pass the means test… Continue reading Which bankruptcy is worse

Can I file bankruptcy with a rental property?

Keeping Rental Property in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly called liquidation bankruptcy.  Since the appointed bankruptcy trustee has the power to sell your non-exempt assets to pay back your debts and can sell your property to reimburse your creditors. However you are allowed to keep a certain amount of property in Chapter… Continue reading Can I file bankruptcy with a rental property?

Bankruptcy for cheap

Bankruptcy for cheap in Utah.  Sometimes people are unable to afford the fees charged by bankruptcy attorneys and look to file bankruptcy for cheap. While many attorneys offer payment plans, your case will not be filed until all fees are paid in full. This means that you will not have bankruptcy protection against creditors while… Continue reading Bankruptcy for cheap