Bankruptcy vs debt settlement

Here are a few things that may help you decide if you should choose bankruptcy vs debt settlement. First, you will want to look at all of your debt, not merely credit card debt.  If your debt is mostly unsecured debt then you will need to determine the amount of that kind of debt. If… Continue reading Bankruptcy vs debt settlement

When bankruptcy is not an option

I am a bankruptcy lawyer.  Bankruptcy is what I focus on daily.  So you might think it strange that I would write on the topic of when bankruptcy is not an option.  Believe it or not I tell many of the people I meet with in any given month not to file bankruptcy.  I think… Continue reading When bankruptcy is not an option

What bankruptcy means

The simple answer to what bankruptcy means is that “the bank is broken.”  What bankruptcy means that you most likely do not have sufficient assets or money to pay off or cover your debts.   What bankruptcy means in todays usage is a legal maneuver that can help way to wipe out those debts that you… Continue reading What bankruptcy means

Bankruptcy without losing house and car

Many people wonder if they can file for bankruptcy without losing their house and car.  This can be a loaded question since there are so many different kinds of bankruptcy with a number of different options.  The simple answer is YES but with all things in the law its qualified.  Typically cars with little or… Continue reading Bankruptcy without losing house and car