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Utah bankruptcy where should I file

Bankruptcy where to file in Utah? This question could be answered two different ways; hopefully one of which is the answer you are looking for!

To begin with, your bankruptcy case will be filed with the federal district court of the location you have lived in for the past 180 days.

Since you file in the bankruptcy court district where you have lived or maintained a permanent residence for majority of the 180 days immediately before you file; or where your principal place of business is located; or where your assets are for the 180 days before you file, or if you have recently moved, where you lived, maintained a permanent residence, maintained your principal place of business, or had assets for the greater portion of those 180 days. As you can see it gets complicated and individual circumstances will very so discuss this with your bankruptcy lawyer in your first appointment to make sure that there will be no problems when it comes time to file your case.

States vary in terms of the “exemptions” (see my prior post on this) that bankruptcy clients can claim, so it’s important to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney about your options and find the best fit for your situation.

Speaking of which, that leads us to the second possible answer to the question, “Where do I file for bankruptcy?” Quite a bit of work goes into preparing a case to be filed with the court. Where does this preparation process take place? Well if you were to take a glance at all of the forms and schedules required by the court, you would be able to answer that question immediately: at a law office.

Occasionally debtors will try to tackle bankruptcy on their own, but it is not anything I would advise since the process is even more complex than filing your income taxes. It’s easy to make mistakes, and besides, who wouldn’t want to be represented by a trusted lawyer who will be by their side as they walk into their 341 Hearing?

We may be slightly biased, but we think The Law Office of Douglas Barrett the “Utah Bankruptcy Guy” is a great location to prepare and file your case. Our office upholds high standards of communication, and Mr. Barrett makes sure his clients understand the process of bankruptcy, as well as how to recover financially after they have filed. Call us today at 801-221-9911 and we’ll set up a consultation for you to determine if bankruptcy is your best option!

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