4 Items You Can Gather Right Now for Your Bankruptcy

documents needed for bankruptcy
income tax and bankruptcy

It’s late at night and you’re stressed about your financial situation. You’ve realized that you can’t handle this alone anymore, but since it’s late you won’t be able to call the Utah Bankruptcy Guy until the morning. You wish that there was something that you could do right now that would help get things moving to build a better financial future. Well, we have great news: there is! Here are four items that you can gather right now that will help in preparing your Utah Bankruptcy: 

  1. Driver’s License/ID Card

Hopefully this is located in your purse or wallet, but if your license expired or is lost, now is a great time to find that out! If you don’t qualify for a driver’s license, any government-issued ID will work as long as it includes your photo. (If needed, find out if you are eligible for an online renewal of your Utah liscense at https://secure.utah.gov/dlr/index.html)

  1. Social Security Card

When’s the last time you saw it? Hopefully it’s somewhere safe, but again, now is a great time to track it down. We will need this as well as your ID to pull your credit report, and when you attend your Meeting of Creditors after filing your case. (If needed, start the process of replacing your SS card at https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ss5doc.htm)

  1. Tax Returns 

Track down your last two years of tax returns. Did you file online using TurboTax or a similar service? Do you have physical copies or digital? Copies of these are needed for your filing as well. You can also contact the IRS and request a copy of your tax trandscript 24hr a day 7 days a week.

  1. Bills and Statements

You know that large stack of bills that you’ve been trying to ignore? Gather all of those up, take them out of their envelopes, and place them in a stack with the other documents previously listed. Then get some sleep and call the Utah Bankruptcy Guy in the morning. You’re one step closer to filing and your financial future is already looking bright!

We get that you are stressed rignt now. We can help. We are a full service bankruptcy firm we actually likes to talk to our clients on the phone or via text. Once you hire us we take the stress out of filing bankruptcy and will walk you throught the process. We don’t just sign you up and then make you self prepare the paperwork like other places out there. We also don’t try and get you into a further financial mess by trying to finance your bankruptcy – bad idea on so many levels. We know you have had enough stress and we will help make it go away. #utahbkguy

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