Bankruptcy help in Utah

Bankruptcy help in utah

Meet Jack and Diane two Utah kids doing the best that they can. Things were going along great for the couple and they soon had two kids, a nice little house, a dog named “Timmy”, and both had good jobs. But then one day Jack got hurt at his job at the Tasty Freeze.

Since Jack couldn’t work, the medical debts started to pile up and they fell behind on the mortgage payment. Things then got real stressful when the debt collectors started pounding at the door, wanting to be paid, but there just wasn’t enough money to pay them.  Pretty soon the couple was served with garnishment papers from a debt collector trying to take 25% of their paychecks. Jack and Diane didn’t know where to turn for help – that’s when a friend told them of attorney Douglas Barrettthe Bankruptcy Guy”.   They made the call to 801-221-9911.

Jack and Diane had a free consultation with Doug. He helped them understand that there are actually five different kinds of bankruptcy and, based upon their situation, they were able to choose the kind of bankruptcy that worked best for them. They were also surprised to learn that they were able to keep most of their property including their home and even their dog “Timmy”.

Don’t let your creditors beat you up. Come in and visit with Doug the Bankruptcy Guy – he helps good folks in bad situations, all over the State of Utah, get back on their feet. Contact us to set up your Free consultation now.

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