Where to find bankruptcy filings online

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Where to find bankruptcy filings online

In my recent blog post entitled “Are bankruptcy cases public record?”, I talk about the online database called PACER where all bankruptcy records are stored including those bankruptcy cases filed in Utah.   However, in that blog post we also discuss the process required by PACER for someone to obtain those records: essentially you must register for the site, and although registration is free, there is a $0.10 fee per page, including the pages that come up after you search. So, for example, if a search yielded 30 pages of results, then you would be charged $3.00 for that search. There are a few more details than that, but just be aware of the costs that come when you search for something on PACER. Where to find bankruptcy filings online is a common question.

Make sure that you have the correct information for a case before you start searching–otherwise you might have to pay extra. If you are wondering when bankruptcy records are posted on PACER, they answered this question in the FAQ section of their own website: “Case information is available in PACER once it has been filed or entered in the courts Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system.” In order to find documents in the first place, the PACER FAQ page also explains: “You may search by case number, party name, Social Security number, or tax identification number in U.S. bankruptcy courts. In district courts, you may search by case number, party name, or filing date range. And for appellate courts, you may search by case number or party name. The PACER Case Locator offers more advanced search capabilities.”   #utahabkguy.

Also to answer the question Where to find bankruptcy filings online you can also obtain Federal Bankruptcy Records through the National Archives by following their instructions and providing the payment as outlined below:

“How to Order–Use a separate NATF Form 90 for each file that you request. Steps 1-6 must be completed on the order form to perform a search for the file. Steps 1-6 begin on page 2. Provide the case number, transfer number, and box number for the file that you request. You must obtain this information from the Court where the case was filed. Please discard this instruction sheet; only return the order form on page 2.  Payment–When paying by check or money order for your request, a separate payment is required for each individual request. Make your check or money order payable to: National Archives Trust Fund (NATF). If paying by credit card, you may fax your request form to the fax number provided in Step 1. Please do not send credit card information via email. The Entire Case File option in Step 2 includes up to the first 150 pages. Copies of additional pages are subject to an additional labor charge of $22.00 per 15 minutes of work done. You will be notified of any additional labor charges before they are incurred.” Source: https://www.archives.gov/research/court-records/bankruptcy.html

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