Bankruptcy who qualifies


Which bankruptcy do I qualify for?

Bankruptcy who qualifies:


If you answer yes to any of the following questions it may be an indicator that you qualify for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy who qualifies :
1. Are you a single individual or family with one income and more than $3000 dollars in unsecure debt?
2. Are you a two income family with more than $6000 in unsecured debt?
3. Have you been making only the minimum payments (or less) on your credit cards for six months or more?
4. Are you behind on house payments?
5. Are you behind on utility payments?
6. Are you using a credit card to pay for necessities like food or clothing?
7. Do you have a second mortgage and credit card debt?
8. Has your spouse gone to work to pay for the interest on your debt?
9. Has your spouse gone to work to pay for basic necessities like food and clothing?
10. Are you paying for more than two vehicles?

11. Are your wages being garnished or about to be garnished?

A yes to any of the questions above implies a serious financial situation where your monthly expenses exceed your regular income and could qualify you for bankruptcy.  Working with an experienced attorney will give you a chance to explore your financial problems.  An attorney will be able to advise you if you can file for bankruptcy and more importantly if you should file for bankruptcy.  As I have said many times in this blog just because you can file for bankruptcy does not mean that you should file for bankruptcy.   As with most things in life there are multiple sides to this issue and not filing can sometimes be the best move you can make.  Since there is so much to consider when you are looking at filing bankruptcy it is important to obtain as much information as possible on the subject but even more important than information is consulting with a seasoned lawyer.   This is why in consumer bankruptcy cases I offer a free in office consultation.  In business cases we do charge a nominal fee that is reimbursed to you if you file for bankruptcy with us.

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