Bankruptcy can be hard let us make it easy

Recently an attorney friend of mine commented that the sign at the hearing location we were attending had misspelled the word bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be a hard word to spell.  So I decided to start to keep a list of the many ways that I have seen the word misspelled on forms and emails sent to my office.  Here is my list:

1. Bancruptcy

2. Bankrupse

3. Bankrupcie

4. Bankrupsy

5. Bankrutpcy

6. Bankrupsie

7. Bankruptcse

8. Bankraptcy

9. Bancruptsty

10. Bankrupsy

11. Bakruptcy

12. Bankrupty

13. Bankrupcy

14. Bancrutpcy

Anyway you spell it, The Law Office of Douglas Barrett helps people and small business file bankrutcpy — oops bankruptcy — We focus on helping  good folks in bad situations get a fresh financial start.