What do I need to tell my attorney?

I know no one enjoys going to a stranger and telling all.  However when you are considering filing for relief from your creditors its advised that you have a trusted advocate on your side.  Finding an lawyer that you can trust that is near you is always helpful.

At the Law Office of Douglas Barrett, we have helped thousands navigate the mine field that is bankruptcy.  When you first visit our office we try and make the experience pleasant and beneficial.  We do ask a lot of questions and expect that you will be forth coming in your answers to us.  The great thing about the attorney-client privilege is that you can speak freely to your attorney in a non-judgmental environment.  Once we know the problem we can then look at ways to help you with your legal problems.

We do need to know about your assets and your debts and how you have arrived at the current spot you are in.  Many of my clients are surprised that we don’t dwell on the past we are looking to make your condition better in the future.  However to make things better we need to fully understand the problem – so you must be truthful and honest with us so we can help you.

Let me assure you that things will get better with the right help.  Now is the time to see where you stand and what can be done to get you to a better place – that’s why I offer a free consultation to my consumer clients and that’s why so many Utahans have taken advantage of our service.

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