How long does a chapter 7 bankruptcy last?

Bankruptcy Discharge
How long does it take to get a discharge in bankruptcy?

If you are feeling trapped by debt and your income is below the median average for Utah, you may be able to file for a Utah Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This legal process will allow you to eliminate certain types of debt and get on with your life without the stress caused by years of accumulated debt. Should filing for bankruptcy be in your best interest, it is important to be aware of the nature of the situation, especially the amount of time this type of case will take.  The main goal of a bankruptcy case that most people focus on is the discharge—that moment when they are relieved of various types of debt. This part of the bankruptcy process is the most visible form of relief. In the majority of cases, it takes three to six months from the time a person files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy until the time when their debt will be discharged.  Of course there are always exceptions to this general rule and consulting with an experienced Utah bankruptcy lawyer is always recommended.