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file bankruptcy fast

File Bankruptcy Fast In Utah

By utahbklawyer | Aug 19, 2020

We firmly believe in quality consultations; during a consultation appointment individuals should have questions answered and get a good understanding of what the bankruptcy process entails for them. A consultation should answer all your questions based on your unique and current situation.

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courtroom bankruptcy

Phone hearing 341 meeting

By utahbklawyer | Aug 14, 2020

Utah phone hearing 341 meeting consist of multiple debtors, attorneys, trustees, and creditors on the same phone call. You attend your phone hearing 341 meeting by calling the number you will be provided by the bankruptcy court.

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bankruptcy in retirement

Bankruptcy in Retirement

By utahbklawyer | Aug 5, 2020

Filing a Utah bankruptcy in retirement is a legitimate effort to rid oneself of oppressing debt that cannot be tackled on a fixed income. Being stuck with a lot of debt in retirement is challenging

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stop eviction bankruptcy

Survive Eviction

By utahbklawyer | Jul 28, 2020

According to a recent article in the New York Times there is a tsunami wave of foreclosures and evictions about to occur in this country due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Up until this point, government aid has kept a dozen million Americans in their homes, but that cushion won’t last forever. Polls and surveys show that in the next few months it’s estimated that 2 million Americans will be evicted from their homes and apartments for the next several month.

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covid and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy During Quarantine

By utahbklawyer | Jul 21, 2020

Bankruptcy during quarantine changes have been much the same as the other changes in society. Bankruptcy lawyers have been considered essential workers in Utah and most bankruptcy court sessions and hearing meetings continue however they are now usually on the telephone. Utah bankruptcy during quarantine currently involves 341 meeting of creditors over the phone. At our office, open hours have maintained the same, as of the number of staff answering calls, arranging appointments and preparing bankruptcy cases. We offer, and will continue to offer free virtual consultations using Zoom or Skype. Much of the paperwork during bankruptcy in quarantine is the same but has been transposed to an online fillable format. In several cases bankruptcy during quarantine has eased the bankruptcy process overall as electronic and virtual features have sped up the process and eliminated travel time for clients to attend hearings.

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no money for taxes

Bankruptcy and Taxes

By utahbklawyer | Jul 14, 2020

To better understand bankruptcy and taxes a little background information is needed; it then becomes more clear why bankruptcy and taxes are so enter twined. First you have to understand that bankruptcy is made possible because of federal laws, and the federal government is made possible because of tax dollars. Why would the government try to give you a perk when you really need the help?

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bankruptcy on my phone

Bankruptcy during Covid-19

By utahbklawyer | Jun 15, 2020

The different procedures for bankruptcy during Covid-19 seem to vary between law firms and the bankruptcy courts. For example a number of local firms have closed their offices and are not taking clients. We have embraced the new changes and technology that make it so we can still offer high quality, full service bankruptcy to our clients.

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COVID Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Stimulus Money

By utahbklawyer | May 27, 2020

Government Stimulus checks have been sent out in order to counter the significant negative impact on the economy that resulted from COVID-19. It was within the government’s intention to completely and legally protect these checks for those filing bankruptcy but it was forgotten in the rush of passing the Stimulus bill

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codiv bankruptcy

Bankruptcy after COVID 19 – 5 Things to Know

By utahbklawyer | May 7, 2020

The people that come out of bankruptcy in the best shape tend to be the ones who got expert advice early. You can get referrals from the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and the first meeting is typically free. Bankruptcy after COVID 19 does not mean you should rush to file for bankruptcy since your situation could improve, or things could get much worse. You need to understand that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can only be filed once every eight years so you will want to file when you can erase the maximum amount of debt.

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