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chapter 13 bankruptcy

Will Bankruptcy Save My House

By utahbklawyer | Jun 8, 2021

The most common method, used by a mortgage lender to collect on a past due home loan is to foreclose. A foreclosure is the forced sale of someone’s home in order to pay back the debt owed on the mortgage that was used to buy the home. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments there are ways to keep your home using the bankruptcy process.

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bankruptcy with a car loan

5 Questions About Bankruptcy With A Car Loan

By utahbklawyer | May 19, 2021

Here are 5 common questions about bankruptcy with a car loan you want to talk with your attorney about. Since every situation is different an experience bankruptcy attorney will be able to clarify the options… but you should ask them the questions for piece of mind.

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Why Chapter 13

Why file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | May 17, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why file Chapter 13 bankruptcy?” This post might help. Before we can answer that question, however, we will need to learn more about what Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is and what it entails.

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utah chapter 7

Why file bankruptcy Chapter 7

By utahbklawyer | May 11, 2021

The Supreme Court has said that “[t]he principal purpose of the Bankruptcy Code is to grant a fresh start to the honest but unfortunate debtor.” The filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts a stop to most attacks on, and efforts to collect from the debtor. It is also the fastest, simplest and most common type of bankruptcy.

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no money left

No Money Left

By utahbklawyer | May 6, 2021

Large corporations understand the benefits of bankruptcy and may utilize it to keep their company afloat. However, the average person doesn’t usually know that when they have no money left, bankruptcy is actually a safety net. The Utah Law Office of Douglas Barrett offers free personal bankruptcy consultations to discuss what strategies are best for you in your financial situation

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unmarried head of household

Bankruptcy Unmarried Head of Household

By utahbklawyer | Apr 29, 2021

If you are not married but consider yourself the the head of a household how does that work in bankruptcy? As you may know in bankruptcy you must report your household income and household size. It can become complicated. The United States Bankruptcy Trustee typically uses the definition of the IRS to determine household status.

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5 bankruptcy terms to know

5 Bankruptcy Terms You Need to Know

By utahbklawyer | Apr 22, 2021

Learn these 5 bankruptcy terms you need to know and you be ahead of most non attorney participants in the bankruptcy court system. Using an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate a complex court system will save you time and money in most circumstances.

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file bankruptcy fast

Bankruptcy Today

By utahbklawyer | Apr 13, 2021

As the saying goes “only a fool represents himself in court” might sound self-serving coming from an attorney but when you get weekly phone calls from people who filed their own bankruptcy but are in over their head and are seeking for help you might understand why we say this.

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file utah bankurptcy today

Finding Money for Bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | Mar 30, 2021

You should always continue to pay your living expenses, such as rent and utilities, student loans, and the payment on any property you wish to keep in bankruptcy, such as a house or a car. As for your other bills, it’s wise to keep making your payments until you have consulted with an attorney, learn that you qualify

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