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When bankruptcy ends

By utahbklawyer | Dec 21, 2017

So if the goal of a bankruptcy is a discharge, then the question is, when bankruptcy ends.  Most people think that a bankruptcy usually end when you are discharged.  But the case is not technically over at that point.  The court will grant a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case usually within  about 120…

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Utah Bankruptcy Laws

By utahbklawyer | Dec 20, 2017

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Utah. Utah bankruptcy laws were created to provide specific relief for business owners, individuals and families whose lives are being disrupted by excessive debt. The laws have two basic goals: Debt elimination and property protection. The Utah bankruptcy laws are set forth under federal law. Article I,…

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How bankruptcy helps

By utahbklawyer | Dec 20, 2017

Bankruptcy can seem like a scary and overwhelming proposition to many people. But the truth is, it can help you out if you are stuck with overwhelming debt and a lack of resources to pay the debt. How bankruptcy helps: It can give you financial freedom and relief that you have been seeking. Bankruptcy will…

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Bankruptcy with no income

By utahbklawyer | Dec 18, 2017

There is no income requirement to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Being unemployed with no income makes it easier for you to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This kind of bankruptcy can offer you a new start if you are under employed or after a loss of employment and for the most part your…

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How bankruptcy affects you

By utahbklawyer | Dec 15, 2017

When you file for a bankruptcy, your life can be affected in several ways. It can affect you both positively and negatively in some ways. Some of the positive effects of bankruptcy are that your debts will be under control and you can get instant relief from creditors, collecting agencies, and the debts that are…

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Filing bankruptcy versus foreclosure

By utahbklawyer | Dec 13, 2017

These two options are not mutually exclusive as some think.  If you are facing one of them you may be facing the other as well.  Since filing for bankruptcy will eliminate some if not all of your debts,  you can decide to file bankruptcy before a foreclosure on property the debt most likely will be…

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Tax refunds and bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | Dec 12, 2017

Some people come to see their income tax refunds as a yearly bonus. In reality these refunds are usually caused by a taxpayer having paid too much in taxes during the past year. Sometimes people have even come to rely upon these refunds for planned yearly spending to catch up on bills, go on vacation,…

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The Bankruptcy Guy

By utahbklawyer | Dec 11, 2017

In today’s mail came the official Trademark for “The Bankruptcy Guy“.  For years my friends have called me “the bankruptcy guy” and last year I started looking into the process of obtaining the official trademark to the name.  In the end it took nearly a year and hours of legal work to obtain the mark. …

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How bankruptcy works

By utahbklawyer | Dec 7, 2017

The idea of bankruptcy has been around for a very long time. The basic idea of how bankruptcy works has been around as long as history itself you can even read about the concept of bankruptcy in the Bible.  So its not surprising that millions of Americans file for bankruptcy protection every year.  This idea…

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