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Bankruptcy trustee

By utahbklawyer | Apr 27, 2018

Although the trustee in bankruptcy is not a judge, he or she has tremendous influence over a bankruptcy case.  Many of my clients do not know what this person does. So here is the quick version of the role of a bankruptcy trustee in Utah and nationwide. So just who is the bankruptcy trustee? Trustee…

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2018 AVVO Award

By utahbklawyer | Apr 23, 2018

  PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Orem, UT – Attorney Douglas L. Barrett of Orem has been named once again a Top Rated Lawyer by the website AVVO. AVVO is he premier online legal marketplace that connects consumers and lawyers. Douglas “The Bankruptcy Guy” Barrett has been practicing bankruptcy law since 2000. Barrett received his…

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Bankruptcy for cheap

By utahbklawyer | Apr 19, 2018

Bankruptcy for cheap in Utah.  Sometimes people are unable to afford the fees charged by bankruptcy attorneys and look to file bankruptcy for cheap. While many attorneys offer payment plans, your case will not be filed until all fees are paid in full. This means that you will not have bankruptcy protection against creditors while…

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Bankruptcy to keep your home

By utahbklawyer | Apr 17, 2018

You may want to consider filing bankruptcy to keep your home, or at least use it to delay foreclosure in some difficult circumstances. The majority of people that declare bankruptcy are able to keep their home throughout the process, but some are not. The government does not expect landlords and other property owners to provide…

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Doing medical bankruptcy

By utahbklawyer | Apr 13, 2018

Out-of-pocket medical costs—like deductibles, doctor’s office co-pays, and prescription drugs—pushed more than 10 million Americans below the poverty line in 2015, according to the U.S. Census. So its not surprising that the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the US is linked to medical expenses.  Bankruptcy lawyers deal with doing medical bankruptcy on a daily…

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Bankruptcy for married couples

By utahbklawyer | Apr 11, 2018

Can you file bankruptcy for married couples? It is certainly an option to file for bankruptcy for married couples or individually.  MYTH: You Cannot File Bankruptcy by Yourself if You Are Married. The bankruptcy laws permit anyone to file for bankruptcy, whether individually or jointly. If you are married, you and your spouse must decide…

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Bankruptcy and inheritance

By utahbklawyer | Apr 6, 2018

Bankruptcy and inheritance in Chapter 13 bankruptcy:  If you receive an inheritance while you are in the midst of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan, most courts will require that you pay this amount into your Chapter 13 plan. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case you propose a plan to repay your creditors over a…

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Bankruptcy to avoid judgment

By utahbklawyer | Apr 4, 2018

Should you file bankruptcy to avoid judgment being entered against you?  Not an uncommon question around here.  First of all lets talk about what a judgment is all about: A judgment is the result when you are sued and either don’t respond to the lawsuit or lose the lawsuit. The judge, in finding in favor of…

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Is bankruptcy like stealing

By utahbklawyer | Apr 2, 2018

Is bankruptcy like stealing?  I have had this question recently ask of me.  My response in that is utterly false.  Every year, over one million people file for bankruptcy, whether through Chapter 7, Chapter 12 or Chapter 13. These are good people who are in difficult financial situations. While there is always a few bad…

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