Which bankruptcy to file

Where did bankruptcy come from?

File Bankruptcy But Which One? Many people ask me which bankruptcy to file. As with many things in life, the answer really depends on your particular circumstances. Since there are actually several different kinds of bankruptcy it may be easy to eliminate a few of them since some are applicable to very specific parties, such… Continue reading Which bankruptcy to file

When bankruptcy is over

When bankruptcy is over what should I do?

Your bankruptcy is over when your case is closed, generally soon after you get a discharge. A discharge is when you are no longer legally obligated to pay your debts. When bankruptcy is over, if creditors keep calling you and trying to collect from you, that is a serious violation of the bankruptcy code. However,… Continue reading When bankruptcy is over

Book on Filing Bankruptcy in Utah

Consequences of Bankruptcy?

Press Release Orem (UT) for immediate release: Today the Fourth Edition of the book on filing bankruptcy in Utah was published. The Insiders Guide: Getting a Fresh Financial Start in Utah has been in print since 2005. The book, by Utah Bankruptcy lawyer Douglas Barrett, has help thousands determine if filing bankruptcy was their best… Continue reading Book on Filing Bankruptcy in Utah

Where Did Bankruptcy Come From?

So where did bankruptcy come from? Throughout humanity’s history, societies have developed different laws and regulations for how to handle debt. These laws were typically harsh and often self-defeating. For example, some regions of the world mandated that debtors could be executed for failure to pay a debt, which of course meant that the creditor… Continue reading Where Did Bankruptcy Come From?