What you should ask

Here are the Top 10 Questions we think  what you should ask (and the lawyer should be prepared to answer) during your first consultation: 1. Should I file for bankruptcy? This question will most likely provide you with a lot of answers. The lawyer should explain that there are five different types of bankruptcy. Most… Continue reading What you should ask

Why does bankruptcy happen

Why does bankruptcy happen?  Bankruptcy occurs when you are insolvent and can’t afford to pay off your debts. It is also the process of seeking legal advice from an attorney and from getting legal relief from your debts, and protection from your creditors. It can be the result of a lot of credit card debt,… Continue reading Why does bankruptcy happen

What Bankruptcy Can Do

Q. What bankruptcy can do for me? In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cover debts like medical bills, credit card charges, personal loans, (in very rare circumstances) student loans, business debts, auto accident claims, attorney fees, money owed over lease agreements, utility bills.  In a Chapter 13 case the most common types of debts that… Continue reading What Bankruptcy Can Do

8 Interesting Things to Know About Filing Bankruptcy

Eight Interesting Things to Know About Filing Bankruptcy.  The following are interesting things to know about filing bankruptcy.  The decision to file bankruptcy can be tough so here are eight things you need to consider or know about before you make that decision: 1. Deadlines. Deadlines are critical in bankruptcy court. The rules in bankruptcy… Continue reading 8 Interesting Things to Know About Filing Bankruptcy

What are bankruptcy judges

What are bankruptcy judges.  In the United States bankruptcy judges are appointed by the majority of judges in the U.S Court of Appeals for that U.S district court. What are bankruptcy judges are judicial officers.  They are appointed for a period of 14 years and every 14 years need to submit recommendations about the number… Continue reading What are bankruptcy judges

Do I need credit after bankruptcy

Many times I am asked do I need credit after bankruptcy?  If you have just filed a Chapter 7  or Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to financial problems with credit, creditors and/or credit cards or overwhelming medical debt you may have said to yourself that you will never no way no how use credit again. Most… Continue reading Do I need credit after bankruptcy