Bankruptcy to clear all debt

Had someone send me a question about a bankruptcy to clear all debt.  What they were talking about was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to wipe out most if not all of your unsecured debts (debts that are not somehow tied to property).  Where a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can… Continue reading Bankruptcy to clear all debt

Why bankruptcy is important

Ever wonder why do we have bankruptcy and why it’s important?  Bankruptcy is important because it is one of the few tools we have to free ourselves from financial enslavement. People who cannot work freely are unproductive yet when debtors become liberated from their debts they usually once again become productive and functional to society. … Continue reading Why bankruptcy is important

Bankruptcy can be hard on so many levels

Bancruptcy, Bankrupse, Bankrupcie, Bankrupsy, Bankrutpcy, Bankrupsie, Bankruptcse, Bankraptcy, Bancruptsty, Bankrupsy, Bakruptcy, Bankrupty, Bankrupcy, Bancrutpcy Recently an attorney friend of mine commented about the sign at the hearing location we were attending had misspelled the word “bankruptcy”. Bankruptcy can be a hard word to spell.  So I decided to start to keep a list of the many ways that I… Continue reading Bankruptcy can be hard on so many levels

Bankruptcy to stop garnishment

Sometimes a creditor obtains a judgment against a debtor and the seeks ways to collect on that judgment.  Usually the first place they look to collect on their judgment is the debtors wages.  If a debtor is employed it can be easy for the creditor to look at garnishing wages.  Wage garnishments are when the… Continue reading Bankruptcy to stop garnishment

Bankruptcy for farmers

If you farm you know that times can be tough.  Weather, unstable crop prices, equipment failure, price of fuel, crazy government regulations – the problems you deal with everyday can seem endless and overwhelming at times.  Sometimes you just need a little bit of help to restructure the operation so you can make ends meet. … Continue reading Bankruptcy for farmers

Why bankruptcy isn’t always bad

Filing for bankruptcy has always had a bad reputation, in the minds of some people it seems to indicate that the person has self inflicted financial troubles or even worse is attempting to take advantage of the people they owe money too. That isn’t always the case, in fact in my experience this is hardly… Continue reading Why bankruptcy isn’t always bad

Why declare bankruptcy

There are several indicators that its is a good idea to declare bankruptcy. Why declare bankruptcy? For example when you’re paying for every day necessities with a credit card, your interest rates are rising because of missed payments, one credit card is paying off debt of another credit card, you have multiple jobs and it… Continue reading Why declare bankruptcy

Bankruptcy where to start

Where to start your bankruptcy?  The idea can be overwhelming and frightening.  As you begin your journey to a financial fresh start its important to determine what is your financial goal.  If you are thinking about bankruptcy it is safe to assume that you have been dealing with financial problems for a period of time… Continue reading Bankruptcy where to start

What bankruptcy district am I in

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court is part of the United States Federal Court System.  As of the writing of this blog there are 94 Bankruptcy Districts in the United States.  In all districts there is at least one siting bankruptcy court judge and a clerk of court.  Almost all federal bankruptcy districts have more than on… Continue reading What bankruptcy district am I in

Bankruptcy dismissal vs discharge

There appears to be a lot of confusion out there about what is actually a bankruptcy dismissal vs discharge.  These are two very different things and you should understand both of them. When you are a debtor you do not want a dismissal of your case.  A bankruptcy dismissal will closed your case in fact… Continue reading Bankruptcy dismissal vs discharge