Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Have you ever had the question, “I wonder where the best bankruptcy lawyers are near me?” We hear that from a lot from folks in financial crisis searching for help. Having a huge amount of debt can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. If you lack sufficient income to pay your obligations you could very… Continue reading Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Bankruptcy can be hard let us make it easy

Recently an attorney friend of mine commented that the sign at the hearing location we were attending had misspelled the word bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be a hard word to spell.  So I decided to start to keep a list of the many ways that I have seen the word misspelled on forms and emails sent to my office.  Here… Continue reading Bankruptcy can be hard let us make it easy

How to get a Free credit report

I have a lot of Utah clients ask me how they can get a copy of their credit report as they prepare to file bankruptcy.  Federal law requires each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – to give you a free credit report every 12 months if you ask for… Continue reading How to get a Free credit report

Was your Utah Bankruptcy Case Prepared in India or Mexico?

The new trend in the world of bankruptcy is to outsource case and/or document preparation to workers in far away countries.  Ask yourself is that how you want your Utah bankruptcy case prepared? Do you want your most personal financial information stored on computers located in Mexico, India, or China? Right now there is a lot of… Continue reading Was your Utah Bankruptcy Case Prepared in India or Mexico?

2016 Tax Refunds Delayed for Millions

Today the National Consumer Law Center issues a press release that Tax Refunds for millions of taxpayers will be delayed until late-February. Due to new legislation the IRS will delay processing returns until February 15 and they have stated they do not anticipate refunds arriving in bank accounts or on prepaid cards until February 27.… Continue reading 2016 Tax Refunds Delayed for Millions

5 Common Bankruptcy Myths

Here are 5 common myths that that I hear all the time from people that I consult with: Myth #1: You Can Declare Bankruptcy by Saying It in Public In an episode of The Office, when Michael Scott’s finances are tight, he screams, “I declare bankruptcy!” His accountant Oscar says, “Hey, I just want you… Continue reading 5 Common Bankruptcy Myths

Our New Website

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